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BrushyBall – The Toothbrush Training Coach is now available at  It turned out to be a seven-year project. I had never brought a product to market before.  It was a mountain to climb, but in the end I am proud to introduce the first parent-invented sink top brushing coach for brushers.

NrushyBall - Toothbrush Training Coach

Every parent knows that it is sometimes challenging to motivate our young brushers to the sink. Then, do they brush long enough? Do they brush ALL of their teeth and all of the surfaces? I thought of the concept of BrushyBall when my daughter was four and learning to brush on her own.  I can tell you from my experience and from discussions with many other parents, the truth is many children seldom brush for two minutes and not all of the teeth are touched. We know that the health of our teeth is directly related to our overall health, particularly as we age.  BrushyBall was designed to help kids with a better start at learning to brush well for a healthy life.


Singing toothbrushes and timers are able to time a two-minute session, but they fail to address what a brusher should actually be doing for two minutes.  That is the key benefit of BrushyBall. Teeth light up in six sections as BrushyBall speaks to guide brushers to remember the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth. Brushing COMPLETELY is now a follow-the-leader game!


Brushers can choose to hear BrushyBall in English, Spanish or music solo each time they brush (I’m working on additional languages). The 5-inch size is designed to fit comfortably on most sinks and serves as a toothbrush holder for classic brushes. Who needs expensive Bluetooth contraptions and bulky singing toothbrushes when you have a personal coach waiting on the sink!?

Happy Brushing!

Rob Malen

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