BrushyBall is one incredible toothbrush holder for kids because it doubles as a toothbrush timer and personal brushing coach. Music plays and teeth light up in six sections to keep brushers focused for two minutes of brushing. BrushyBall also speaks to guide brushers to focus on the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth. Brushing COMPLETELY is now a 'follow-the-leader' game each time you brush! * BrushyBall holds two standard toothbrushes * Brushers can hear BrushyBall in English, Spanish or Music Solo each time they brush * Powered by 2 AA batteries (included) * Parents, Hygienists and Dentists can use BrushyBall as a fun demonstration model to show proper brushing technique
BrushyBall was inspired by the experiences my daughter and I shared as she learned to brush her teeth on her own. We brushed together often, but she wanted to own the task without me brushing for her. Though she tried, she usually brushed just a few teeth and never all of the tooth surfaces. Eventually, brushing time involved several pleas to brush from me, and I was always entertained by her expert diversion tactics to avoid the drudgery of brushing. For example: 1) Hold brush under water, 2) Play in sink and make faces in mirror for few minutes, 3) Swish mouth with toothpaste and water 4) Go breathe minty freshness in Dad’s face to convince him that brushing took place. Brilliant.
I imagined that she could own this toothbrush task, maybe enjoy it, and most importantly learn it more thoroughly with a little coach sitting on the sink. Lighted teeth could glow in sequence as music played, and a cute voice could guide her to brush inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes each time she brushed.
Over several years, BrushyBall evolved into a mission dedicated to helping all brushers more easily learn a complete oral hygiene habit. The journey involved prototyping at The University of Michigan 3D Lab, a long patent process to acquire three patents, a quest to find a manufacturing solution, a campaign and a three year search for two outstanding partners.
The journey finally brought a retail launch in 2016 and some big ideas for the future of healthy brushing. Your positive experience with BrushyBall is very important to me. I am confident that BrushyBall will bring healthy fun and better brushing for your young brusher(s). I hope you will give it a try.
Brush well for a healthy life : )
Rob Malen | BrushyBall Inventor