BrushyBall was inspired by the experiences my daughter and I shared as she learned to brush her teeth on her own.

We brushed together often, but she wanted to own the process without me holding the brush. Though she tried, she usually brushed just a few teeth and never all of the tooth surfaces.

I imagined that she could own this task and maybe learn it more thoroughly with a little coach sitting on the sink. Lighted teeth could glow in sequence as music played, and a cute voice could guide her to brush inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes each time she brushed. The highlights you see here are a few milestones in what turned out to be a seven-year mission dedicated to helping all brushers more easily learn a complete oral hygiene habit.

Your feedback can help shape how we operate and design. Using the CONTACT link above, please share what you like and what you would like to see in future BrushyBall models.

Rob Malen